[Write a story] How to start: the first words

They detonate, they mark, they catch the reader, the first words of a text are very important.

Do not we often say that only the first impression counts? Often these are the first lines that will decide the reader to continue or stop reading.

Of course, the story one is about to put on paper can "ask" to start in a particular way, but being aware of the processes put in place - even instinctively - can help to improve the text even more. , to vary the approach on the whole of our work. (This is of interest especially when writing a collection of news, if all the news starts in the same way does not one risk to weary the reader?)

Here are some ideas for reflection:

With a full and lyrical style, one can start with a beautiful description that will surely create clear images in the mind of the reader.
With a rather incisive, nervous style, start with a dialogue or an action scene.
If the text is realistic, we can afford not to describe the context too much.
On the contrary, if it is an imaginary world very different from ours or from our modern era, it is necessary to quickly lay the first bases of this universe before the reader can visualize, not to make false idea.
If the story starts with a long status quo, use a prologue, a flashback or a flash-forward to intrigue the reader.
If, on the contrary, the story starts with a big action scene, let us be smart enough to match impressions, feelings, sensations so that the reader can at least, even without the context, live the action.
If we begin the text with a sentence that introduces the idea of ??a testimony, ensure the concordance of time, to place this testimony a posteriori of the action for the reader to quickly understand what it is. Personally I'm not "fan" of this kind of catch because it is very classic, not very original and often quite poorly managed.
The above strategies can concern several paragraphs, if we now tighten the frame of our reflection in the first sentence, the first words only, we can find interest to begin with:

a shocking phrase that conveys a disturbing, violent, obscene or insulting idea. Ex: "But what can you do with it? "
a phrase that conveys a misinterpretation, a strange, bizarre idea that will intrigue the reader. Ex: "They had found her at dawn, at this gray hour, which does not belong entirely to the living. "
a sentence, a morality, a judgment. Ex: "I am what I am, neither a youth nor a fairy tale heroine. "
a short sentence that will be hard-hitting. Ex: "The last dawn arrives. "
a long sentence that will be lyrical. Ex: "  El-Djazaïr ... the music of the word is akin to the ineffable song of the east wind, harmonizing palms date palms, the agreement of life, the perfect harmony between the land and the sea."
Some readers will always prefer to read the first lines of a book rather than to study the text of back cover, before acquiring it, so better to make impression immediately!

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