How to tell a good story?

How to write good? Speak or? How to have a life-long story-memorization? How do you tell people it is your story, told by you, told so much sincerity and affection within?

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Go to work or observe Marketing and Human Resources. Maybe because the girls with short skirts are bent, but the main reason is the way they talk and persuade others. Style like this:
+ Where is the money from the project?
+ Coming soon.
+ But I ...
+ Why are you, lack of money to go out with you? When I first went to work, I lacked it before and after, so much so that I could play it all for you to pay. They looked so badly at her face that they decided how much.
+ ...
+ It was so bad that she decided to cut it to "cover" her. Just got a job with a lover. I have been doing this for a long time and forgot to ask if I have ny yet?
That's it. The story begins with money (actually asking for bonuses - a delicacy), accidentally and gracefully turning to a subtle and poetic topic: love. Instead of insisting that the company is focusing on projects, they are "hard" to wait, they tell a story in which we see closeness and glory in that "hard" thing. They share and do not impose, more importantly, their stories have enough weight to create feelings, turning "me" and "you" into "us". The HR department then sat and said that working for many years was also attached to the company, seeing that everyone was anxious and looking forward to it. Looking at her also worried and thought for everyone, who would dare to claim! To a certain level of experience, each story is a personal asset - a special asset!
So what does a compelling story need?
What is the most vital thing on Earth? What can resurrect from a small piece of debris and grow with magic speed? Can objects change and control in the most extraordinary ways? Can objects be deprived and destroyed in the most comprehensive ways? What keeps us the longest?
That is the idea.
We are always inspired by the idea of ?? something new. When we encounter a new idea, our brain must analyze it carefully and so that idea is remembered in mind. The first ideas and reflections will form our consciousness of a certain thing or thing.
Analyze your case. At that time I just graduated from school, did not know much about the life of a young man going to work. The way the staff told her life made her curious and surprised. The life of a young person working is a new idea that attracts me. Assuming I have been working for 5 years, it is clear that this concept is no longer attractive to me. I will straighten out "Green beans for my project money, I still have a little old mother at home". At some point, we always bluntly frankly talk to each other?
The second is empathy.
Is there anyone reading a 5000-word article here but remember the meaning of all 5000 words? Or you just remember a few main ideas / details related to yourself. More precisely, did you find yourself in 5000 words?
So is the good story. You have to be the person who hears you in the story you tell. We will not read a 5000-word Pulitzer Prize article if you find it irrelevant, but are willing to hear a whisper "The first time I went to work, I lacked it all the time, so that I could play it for you hey ".
The third is a bit dramatic.
"At that time, it was so bad that she decided to cut it to" cover "her. Just got a job with a lover too. ”
Dramatic enough to surprise me and roll my eyes and listen. Drama is a way to erase doubts / resistance in listeners' thoughts. One way to "reset" the minds of listeners and make them "innocent". Consider an example of It's Happened to be Vietnam:

Photo: It's Happened to be Vietnam 
"At that time, we only met each other for sure, or something just talked a lot on Facebook, and didn't go out yet. There was a meal sitting and working in the office when I saw a picture of a message asking, "You, eat soup with the church of Notre Dame, will you give it to me." I am happy, I mean, how can I say no to crab soup, haha, the picture of the soup finished saying, "My egg is 20 thousand". I give money, take photos, and then go to the car and go away. Alone standing at Nguyen Hue, holding a glass of soup but confused ... 12 months after the marriage proposal in Chiang Mai and trying to guess what.
- Star?
- The ring does not fit.
Some people believe that drama is necessary for a good story. This depends on the message as well as how to lead the story. For example, we can tell a story of life according to a unique perspective / approach, or tell a surprising story according to the simple, easy way to enter. We can use humorous style, "humor" is the best way to talk about "deep" things. Imagine a story as a picture of a main line and lots of colored blocks. Reduce the color (the method of counting) to convey the true spirit of the story (the shape of the picture).
We can also use brief style to convey or tell about the continuum / remembrance of work. The way of using or using style requires certain abilities. Funny or brief is clearly an expression of social intelligence. We are not born naturally, we learn humor and clarity to cope with adversity.

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However, these are personal factors. Therefore, the evaluation is also a personal feeling. Maybe you will sign a sales contract right at the first session. Maybe you will saw the crush right at the first session. It is also possible that from the beginning you were labeled "ungainly" on your forehead. A step up into the sky or a life under the water. Success always comes with risks, and therefore success is valuable. Be brave!
The above things to create an impression. We need ideas, empathy, style. What about sympathy?
It leads to the last and most important thing, tell a true story. If you don't know what to say, tell the truth. That you don't know what to say so please listen. That you have prepared many good words, many interesting topics but forgotten. That if this talk fails, can you have a second chance? That you were unknowingly prepared for the meeting, so you could send missing information in the evening?
That now you only have a childhood story of a stupid tree growing up by a river. That you once wished you were a pine tree standing next to a river. That you cried when you realized that pine trees could not grow up by a river. What a fool it all is compared to the wonderful story you've just been told, about the great people out there, the people who are moving the tank, and can plant a million pine trees, if they want.
A good story will be remembered. A true story will continue to live. Sometimes we don't know what to say, what to do, and everything goes wrong? Have you ever thought that it is the ones that do not know that are your true, and so, you are still living and living very smoothly?
And your story, still being written, is being told, curious to listen, and always alive.
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