How does the beginning of the story start? Common first scene patterns

How do you write at the beginning of the story?

Have you decided on a scenario, character, settings, etc., but when you are about to start writing, have you ever wondered how to write?

This first scene is very important, and it is better to write in such a way that the expectation of the work is high without writing properly.

So I examined the pattern of the first scene that is often found in many works

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1 The beginning of the story is difficult to write
1.1 We must make readers expect
1.2 Need to explain the worldview and settings etc.
1.3 It is easy to become a forceful development
2 common first scene patterns
2.1 Start with scenes from past history and events
2.2 The hero begins while introducing himself
2.3 The hero and friends appear together and begin
2.4 Start from where the hero helped
2.5 Begin by incarnation or transfer from the real world
3 Summary

The beginning of the story is difficult to write
It is necessary to explain what kind of story this work is in the first opening part, and it can be said that it is a very important part.
And it's hard to write this opening part.
Let's see what is difficult one by one.
I have to make the reader expect
If the first scene isn't interesting, then some people may stop reading the rest.
Therefore, it is necessary to bring in the first scene where it seems interesting.
Even if you find yourself in the middle of a section that you feel confident and interesting for the creator, it would be meaningless to stop reading in the early stages.

For this reason, it may be better not to bring it to the beginning of the development that will take time to build up.
It is necessary to explain the world view, settings, etc.
It is necessary to explain the world view and settings of works in the first scene.

However, it is not possible to pack all the information into the first scene, so it is necessary to put together settings etc. roughly.
It's difficult to say this roughly.
There are a lot of things I want to explain, but stuffing them all makes the first scene look very long.
If you can not explain here, let's put out information little by little according to the progress of the story.

However, depending on the genre of the work, it may be possible to omit most of the explanation of the world view and settings.
If you like, please take a look at the following articles written about the works of the school.
It is easy to be forced deployment
If you write with the above in mind, it is easy to be a forceful development.
It is likely that the character's lines become unnatural or unnatural.
In addition, it is easy to become sudden development in order to move the protagonist forcibly.
But I think this can not be helped.
The opening part is limited in time and space.
However, I think that it is really great to explain the view of the world and the setting appropriately while showing the intense scene with high impact in the famous popular works.
Common first scene patterns
So what kind of pattern is there in the actual first scene
Here are some examples so let's look at each one.
Start from the scene of past history and events
There are a lot of patterns that start from such a scene.
As well as scenes of past history and events, it may also start from the scenes of the hero's past.
While explaining the worldview and settings roughly, you can increase your expectations for the work.
Also, even if the time series is strange at first, there is little impact, so it will not be difficult to understand the content even if it starts from a past scene.
The hero begins while introducing himself
Even if you say self-introduction, the main character does not actually say, but instead of narration, it is a feeling that the main character talks his / her name, position, etc. lightly.
In the case of this pattern, the explanation of the view of the world and the setting will be described as a line that only the reader can hear.
If the first scene is a complicated situation that is hard to say with words, it may be difficult to start with this pattern.
On the other hand, if it is easy to say in words, this pattern is very effective.
The hero and friends appear together and begin
This pattern is very easy to do and is recommended.
Normal character is not beaten by one person.
I don't mind if it's a single-speaking character, but if it's silent it's quite strange.
If the protagonist appears as a silent character and the first scene by only one person, it can not be easily deceived.
Besides, I don't know if I don't speak because I am silent or just I do not.
At this time, it will be very easy to write if you make it appear by two or more people.
At first it is easy to understand what kind of character the characters are there just by letting the members sing appropriately.
Of course, I think that it is easy to understand that it is a silent character if the number of words is small at this time.
This is useful not only for the first scene, but also for introducing new characters on the way.

Start from where the hero helped
Still, there are times when you want to make a silent character appear alone.
In particular, it is a type that does not like to act with someone.
In such a case, it may be better to write from the scene where people are helped or people are helped.
Apart from helping people, if you are in a situation where you have to deal with someone else, silent characters may naturally open their mouths.
You can also explain what kind of character you have by the attitude at that time.
So far I have only written about the case where the silent character is the protagonist, but if the protagonist is the one who beats well with anyone, and the active character is squeezing the neck for anything, the scene at the beginning is sloppy It will be easier to write.
Begin to incarnate or transfer from the real world
It is a familiar pattern in different world transmigration and transition.
Although the events of reincarnation and metastasis itself are compelling, it is easy to bring them into natural development after that.
You can also start writing your favorite time, position, and state, and at the same time it is easy to give the first action purpose.
I think that it is easy to start writing a work once you start from incarnation or transfer, even if it is difficult to write in the beginning part.
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