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From the day of practicing writing and posting on the Internet, at the time of the E-thuvien's online reading room, there were still people who came in and then opened the wordpress Cung moon, then published "Bread Kiss" and posted "Anyone loves you like me!", I received a lot of comments, emails, messages from readers. Besides expressing my love and sympathy for the work, there are also a few friends who write to me as follows: "You / you / that is super. I / I / I also like to write stories (love / love) but I don't know how to write! ”Or“ I / I / I admire you / you / so much. I / I / I also write stories but do not dare to read it to anyone. ”Or“ How can my story be published as a sister / friend? ”…… ..

Realizing that your need to write stories is very high, while many of you don't know where to start, Moon I decided to share with you "practical" experiences drawn from yourself and the journey (short) of his writing. Hope this will be suggestions for you to have more motivation to complete a work for yourself!

Before I start, I want to emphasize one thing: Write just because you want to write! First, write for yourself if that makes you happy. Don't think, oh, I wrote that to publish and publish books, I wrote so people could rush into my blog ... Get rid of that thought if it's going to be in your head.

The article will include 10 tips, specifically:

Tip 1: Give up immediately reading the so-called "convert"

Secret 2: HE, SE or OE - that's the question!

Tip 3: Build your own voice (or storytelling style)

Tip 4: Male lead, female lead & "great way" to build character

Tip 5: Why should there be a "third person" coming out of the way?

Tip 6: Descriptive text in love stories

Tip 7: Me or her, she or she, she ... she ???

Tip 8: Try starting with a short story

Tip 9: Hide your work!

Tip 10: Just "ignore" readers!

Now, let's start with the first secret:

Tip 1: Give up immediately reading the so-called "convert"

You will have to recognize the Moon me, that "reading" is also part of "writing". So, read consciously. As a beginner, means a "young" pen, we are easily infected by non-pure style. To make it easier to imagine, you can imagine like this: We are like a white rose. If you plug your flower into a cup of cloudy water, the petals will get dirty due to capillary phenomenon. So it is broken. You have to plug your flower into a cup of water as pure as possible to keep the flower fresh and pure.

That flower is your "text" and the water cup is what you are reading. In order for your writing to not be cloudy, you must first read - yes - conscious - awake.

For this, stay away from what is called "convert".

I'll give you an example:

"This is in the way of teenagers calling Chu Kham, and Zhou Hang of the same age, also 17 years old. Despite his superiority compared to Zhou Hang's higher, it was Lecture Six-story, still less than a step that could set foot in the Landscape!

Chu Kham and his father called Chu Kiem Minh, who was also considered not bad, unfortunately with him at the same time, Chu Dinh Hai was such a genius! At Chu Dinh Hai Quang Hai light, Chu Kiem Minh is naturally gloomy and always takes out the green leaves compared to the tragedy of the character. ”

What the hell is this? What the hell is it? Oh, yes, "convert"! Sadly, it is abundantly online and, more sadly, in fact, there are many friends who read this chaos. I really have to use the word "chaos" to imagine. The excerpt is that I "scooped up" from a forum and had about 300 people "thanks" for this post. A desirable number that stories that are written or translated well late will be achieved.

"Convert" is the dirtiest "hard" glass of water, the most impurities that we have ever seen, yet somehow you still drink this water indifferently every day. Don't expect you to write well if you continue reading convert!

Next, read selectively . The story market is now, oh my god, it's sacred. My story, the story of the ship, the story of the west, the story ... all kinds of love on earth under the ground are called flowers with all eyes. Then the story published by the publisher, the story of your own translation, then for several years do not know ever since the movement of "edit" to roll the bookworm to follow ... That's it! It's fine. Important is you. It is you who decide what you want to read, remember!

In my experience:

- It is not always a good story.

Now the editing and publishing stages of book companies are too poor. It seems that they only pay attention to the quantity without caring about the quality. Especially the "Chinese language" story, many horrible hand stories that still go on the bookshelves roaring. For example, the story of the Gray Wolf grows wings or is Han Han honoring and there are many other works written as if they were drafts, but still bought by my friends for printing into a book, or is it really cool! They were too underestimated by the readers' reading level.

Therefore, in order to be healthy, you should read the stories of authors with "brands" such as: New Di Drive, Hazardous Crime of Crossing, Dong Hoa, Tang Jiabao, and some other writers who write another hand. like: Lam Dich Nhi, Co Tay Tuoc, Dien Tuyen, Thai Tri Hang, Hong Cuu ...

- Western - American stories choose "best-seller" but read

About my experience of reading the romantic novel of Au-Moe like this. Female authors often have a constant way of writing in all their works. For example, Julia Quinn and the series about Bridgerton, for example. I just need to read a book that is enough to absorb, the rest of the books do not need to read for a long time (Oh, but if you have the time, just read, not forbid, hii ...)

For other famous authors such as Mac Levy, Nicolas Sparks, Guillaume Musso ... then choose the best-seller to read. Of course, you will find that the "best-seller" name is a bit arbitrary in the future, but it will be!

- Don't overlook Vietnamese stories

Many of you have a very hard-to-understand prejudice that ignores the Vietnamese story, no matter what the content will be!

If you want to write a story, the more you need to read the stories of the published Vietnamese authors, read as much as possible. Reading to the point that when you finish reading, you can copy your mouth: "Well, write this and be published. I write even better! ”That's fine! You will start writing your own work !!!

At some point, you start to see nothing to read. Where did the love stories go? Why the author of the previous day fascinated me now wrote nothing attractive ... These signs show that this is the time when you have been "surrender" by love works. So instead of going head-to-head and reading new works, it just makes you annoyed by losing time and money, read the works of other genres! The world class works, Nobel laureates, works of specific literary lines (fanciful, existential, future ...) ... there are many interesting new things await you.

Like me, my books are mostly "specialized" books, such as books for making cakes, books on Vietnamese craft villages, books on administration, law, travel books ... for private purposes. more reference is to "enjoy" as usual.

Believe me, when walking through a good and quality book, you will feel more confident in your reading "level". And it also helps a lot when you start writing.

This is the highest level of reading. When you have trained yourself to be certain "alert", right now, reading is no longer a problem. This means that even if you plug your flower into any solvent, the capillaries of the flower will always know how to "purify" the purest water source and remove impurities.

Here, while reading, you do not let yourself immerse yourself in all that the author has shown you, but you have the intention, know how to read the work you read to some extent. You smash with the beauty of the work, but at the same time frown when you see the unreasonable, unreasonable places. At a higher level, you start thinking, if it's me, would I write like this? I will direct the story in a different way to be more appealing ... Just like that, the word "thinking" reads, you will gradually tilt towards "thinking" and that is the valuable premise for writing. yours.

Well, if you have trained to this level, convert will be a "nail". Sometimes converting will help you in some way, such as referring to details, but on the condition that you are patient and not dizzy when reading it. Lol ...
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