Worried on how to find a story theme?

Today's theme is: How to find a good story theme?

Why did Tang Yin in "Journey to the West" experience so much suffering and still not stop? Because he has a clear goal: to seek the truth.

Before we write a story, we have to have a goal, and this goal is what is the theme of the story?

To find out this, ask yourself the following questions, maybe it will help:

1. What is the most enduring issue nowadays? What is a universal theme?

These two questions have framed the public's reading appeal. Many people don't know what to write before they start writing, especially if there are no hot events during that time.

But we must understand that some topics are of concern to everyone at all times. It is like rice, flour, and staple food, never out of date.

For example, happiness, death, wealth, love, etc. These themes, whether 100 years ago or 100 years later, are issues of human concern.

In these "staple food" themes, look for some more to discuss now. Recently, there is a saying that "poverty limits my imagination." Isn't this related to wealth?

2. Do people in hot events have the same days as others? Can this story be better understood from the experience and vision of ordinary people?

Everyone's life has its own uniqueness and universality. The stories that happen to others will also appear on other people.

These are the materials that can be expanded and can be combined with hotspots.

3. Does this news tell the truth? In addition, is there a story on the reverse side?

What we write, there are various common senses inside, you can pick out some of the truth inside, look at the opposite side of it, maybe you can find another story.

Discovering the truth behind the incident will keep your story from being superficial, and thinking about his opposite side will allow you to learn from multiple perspectives.

4. Where is it worth to dig deep? Where do I need to push the lens closer to the close-up? Is there still a mystery?

When a story has been reported in large numbers, you have to change the lens to place it. You have to pull the lens closer from the wide-angle, news-collecting perspective, and you have to look for a close-up angle that hasn't been said yet.

When most people are focused on obvious problems, those hidden, not so obvious aspects are what you deserve.

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5. In a big story, is there anything else that is ambiguous?

Now that you are asking to write a true story, you have to be accurate in the use of words, and you can't be confused. This will make people feel that you don't know much about this matter. So why do people still want to see what you write?

To structure a complete story, nature needs more comprehensive information as a support.

6. What other background stories have not been spoken?

The world is interconnected, so it is impossible to have isolated stories. There are many other stories behind a story. These are places where you can discover and think.

So don't always think that there is nothing to write, just because you are not enough to find out.

7. The end of a story, will it be the beginning of another story?

The end of a story marks the beginning of a story that is about to unfold. A peasant woman loses her husband in a home fire. This is the end of a story, but it is the beginning of another story. She is alone. How to live on the farm?

This kind of thinking is common in serialized works, and each story is strung into a line, which constitutes the plot, scene, and structure. This can form a work or a number of short articles.

Summary and reflection:

These questions are actually asking us to look for all the possibilities in a topic from a more comprehensive and deeper perspective. This is effective for the writer to exercise his observation and thinking.

So don't be afraid of trouble, don't feel it is difficult. This is a self-learning process. If you practice much, you will naturally become proficient.

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